Aims and values

Equality of opportunity

for all the young people and staff in our schools.

Collective moral purpose

through which we will help others and be professionally generous in all aspects of our work.

Integrity, openness, and trust

that helps forge strong relationships between partners.

Fairness to each other

as partners and to our associates and the individuals we work with.

Transparency and probity

particularly in financial matters and in accordance with the highest expectations of standards in public life (the Nolan principles).

Individual autonomy

respecting the unique nature of each school and its place within its own community.

Support for others

offering help to other schools/academies and young people beyond our own where we have the capacity to do so.


including with local authorities, other education providers and charitable bodies, to promote the success, welfare and safety of our young people.

Good governance

which secures our aims and values within a robust accountability framework.

Red Kite Learning Trust schools work together to improve the learning and achievement of all their young people. The Trust secures excellence for all, providing world class opportunities for the young people in its schools. Its schools achieve this by continuously striving for the best: improving, innovating and reflecting.

The Trust is committed to equality of opportunity and to closing the gaps in attainment and progress between groups and individuals within each school and across the Trust.

The Trust aspires to the highest standards of academic achievement. It is also passionate that its young people develop values and inter-personal skills so that they can contribute positively to local and global communities.

As a member of the Red Kite Teaching School Alliance, the Trust will share its ideas, skills and experience in the best interests of young people within and beyond its own schools.