Science Day Fun at Western Primary School

In September of this academic year, Western primary school applied for a Science grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry and we were lucky enough to be awarded a £1000 in December. After a chat with our pupil representatives on the science curriculum team, we chose lots of new resources for our Science lessons. All of the resources have arrived and we have been spending time exploring them across the school and in our science lessons.

We held our whole school science day in March as part of British Science Week and many of these new resources were used and enjoyed by the children. A whole day of events saw us link closely with our community, many of whom have been very generous in sharing their time and resources with us this term. The Great Yorkshire Showground donated lots of compost for our lunchtime planting station, Harlow Carr supplied us with compost, pots and seeds, Surfachem Scientists visited us to lead two assemblies and also led small workshops making hair gel. Many more local businesses have been very kind with their donations for our newly launched competition.

Our Key Stage 2 Science reps were key in organising and running the day. Maddie Mills and Freddie Ashworth had this report for us;

On March 13th, Western held a whole school Science day. Everybody in the school took part in Science activities for the day. In the morning, we had an assembly led by a Scientist from Surfachem, who told us what she does in her job and showed us a fun activity to do with bubbles. In our year groups, we did different science activities; some of the science success reps helped out. One of the activities was PE based and led by Sporting Influence, explaining how our heart rate changes when doing sporting activities. We have also launched an exciting competition called ‘Science Selfies’ where you take a picture doing something at home linked to Science. All the teachers took selfies and they started appearing around school! There will be a teacher and student Science selfie competition and the winner will get a prize. There will be many different prizes for things linked to physics, chemistry and biology.

We are thoroughly enjoying the buzz that has been created around Science throughout the school!