Wellbeing at Meadowfield

At Meadowfield Primary school, we have had our annual health and wellbeing week during which pupils and staff have taken part in a range of events they wouldn’t usually get to experience from taekwondo to Laughing Yoga!

We also decided it was very important to include some ‘Looking after your teeth’ workshops for the pupils during this week. Oral hygiene is a huge issue in many schools and ours is no exception, so we took the decision in 2017 to appoint Oral Hygiene Champions. We have one Champion responsible for Years 1-6 and another for Early Years; the Children’s Centre Manager is also an Oral Hygiene Champion for that setting. 

Since 2017, we have gradually implemented daily teeth brushing in all of our Key Stage 2 classes during the school day. We have been fortunate enough to have gained some funding for individual toothbrushes, holders and paste along the way and the system is now well embedded into every day.  It has been a steep learning curve through ensuring correct hygiene and storage of brushes, routines for the right amount of paste and the right length of time to brush as well as not rinsing afterwards! Children now say, ‘it is fun to brush our teeth’ and ‘it makes my mouth all fresh’. As a result, we know more children are brushing their teeth at home now and need to keep this up!

The process wasn’t easy to implement in the early stages but has proved to be worthwhile; we would be willing to help and share our learning experiences (and what not to do) with colleagues through use of our two Oral Hygiene champions so just contact us at Meadowfield Primary School and we can set something up.