The central operations team supports all schools within the Trust in ensuring all statutory and legislative compliance requirements are monitored and met. These include the following areas:

  • The provision of a Health and Safety (H&S) policy framework within which all schools operate with clearly defined leadership and management accountabilities and responsibilities. The policy includes a schedule of H&S arrangements for e.g. educational visits policy and accident/incident reporting procedures that are expected to be implemented at individual school level.
  • The team operates a single Educational Visits policy and manages all approvals via a single on-line approvals system, Exeant, as well as providing training for school-based Educational Visits Co-ordinators and Leaders.
  • Currently being considered for implementation is a cloud-based software solution, Total Risk Manager, which will allow school-based staff to record statutory compliance checks for e.g. fire alarm testing, legionella testing, plant maintenance and servicing tasks.
  • The Trust provides a Health and Safety (H&S) internal audit process via its partner, AJ Gallaghers, whereby each school is visited annually for an in-depth H&S and Fire Risk assessment audit.
  • The Trust also provides a Data Protection Officer service supporting schools with regards to the implementation of its Data Protection policy and instances of Subject Access and Freedom of Information requests.