The Red Kite Learning Trust IT services team specialise in supporting technology within education. Based within our Trust, our vision is to deliver cutting edge solutions to the classroom to make them more manageable and productive, alleviating the daily stress and strains of technical issues. A major success has been the iPad For Learning scheme at Harrogate Grammar School which has been running since 2011 and provides over 2,000 iPads in the school, all supported by the Trust’s IT Services team.

Currently the Trust has 13 networks providing services to approximately 8,000 learners across Harrogate, East and West Leeds. Our aim is to develop a single, integrated network to improve end user experience, increase efficiencies for the management and support of the infrastructure and reduce support and running costs of the network across the Trust. All schools within the Trust are migrating to a single Internet Services Provider during 2019, managed by centralised firewall and content filtering solutions, ensuring greater safeguarding and data protection management for all schools within the Trust.

An integrated network will ensure our services are built around the needs of our education customers. We offer a wide range of service options from weekly support visits to a complete on-site management with strategic planning, budget management and refresh scheme aligned to your school improvement plan and the needs of the individual academy. These are already operating within five schools within the Trust.

In addition, the team can assist and advise in the procurement of a range of IT related products including:

  • Server and backup solutions
  • Desktops, laptops and tablet computers (including iPad/Surface)
  • Classroom and office peripherals (including projectors and Interactive Displays)
  • Wired and wireless network infrastructure
  • Software Licencing

For more information or to discuss ways in which we can help you please contact David Burns, the Trust’s IT/Network Services Lead.