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Data Analysis

Our approach to Data Analysis is centred on employing data analytics to significantly enhance both educational outcomes and operational efficiencies across our Trust and its schools.

This commitment is reflected in the comprehensive services we offer including:

Data Collection and Management: Implementing state-of-the-art data collection systems to ensure the utmost accuracy and security of educational and operational data.

Data Analysis and Insights: Conducting thorough analyses of attendance, pupil performance, staffing, finance, and other educational aspects data to unearth key trends and insights. Offering strategic, data-driven recommendations tailored to bolster school improvement and inform decision-making processes.

Reporting: Crafting and distributing reports that are both clear and impactful, tailored to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. Diligently preparing statutory and regulatory data submissions, ensuring accuracy and timeliness

Support and Training: Providing robust training and support to staff throughout our Trust, enhancing their proficiency in data-related tasks.

Innovation: Actively seeking out and integrating cutting-edge data analysis technologies and methodologies. Fostering a Trust-wide ethos of innovation and evidence-based practices.

Compliance and Data Protection: Vigilantly overseeing data privacy and compliance, adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Thi Nguyen

Senior Data Analyst

Thi has over four years’ experience working in market research and data analysis, complemented by two years of specialised experience in the education sector. Thi’s proficiency in transforming complex datasets into actionable insights is augmented by a mastery of tools such as Microsoft Power BI, SQL, and Python. This skill set, combined with a rigorous commitment to data protection standards, propels our Trust towards a culture of continuous improvement informed by data.

Thi Nguyen

Data Analysis

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