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Data Protection

'Data Protection’ is about how to ensure we keep personal data safe.

On a daily basis, we handle information regarding our staff, volunteers, families and most importantly the children and young people we serve. Protecting personal and sensitive data is an integral part of safeguarding, IT and Cyber security.

Our data protection processes are co-ordinated between our schools, operational teams, Trust appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO); Judicium and where necessary the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, our Trust sets out the associated policies, schemes and privacy notices on our websites, to inform individuals as to how we process their data across our Trust and to advise on data rights. UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) grants people the right to access. This means we may receive Subject Access Requests (SARs) from families and colleagues to view the data records we hold about them. Under Freedom of Information legislation, third parties also have the right to request specific information from a Trust, as a public authority.

Administration Support

If personal information is ever unintentionally shared, lost, destroyed or corrupted, this constitutes a data breach and must be reported. We work with our Trust-wide Data Protection Leads to support with the administration of these processes and the redaction of disclosable data sets, as required. We will also happily provide an impartial ear to discuss data protection conundrums when they arise. To oversee the legal compliance of our processes, Judicium as our DPO carries out an annual data audit across all of our Trust schools.

Jo Thompson - W

Jo Thompson, Trust Governance and Compliance Lead

Jo has experience in centralised service, working for multi-national retailers in both the UK and overseas. Jo has a love of European languages, with her communication skills now being applied to help interpret data protection regulations for our Trust. Jo is also our Trust Governance and Compliance Lead.

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